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Welcome to Monsters Cafe

We serve & deliver an interesting combination of modern and desi flavor in of around the world cuisines in every bite of your plate. Monsters Cafe is considered as a fusion culture, taking inspiration particularly from all 7 continents, the idea of the European delicatessen, and eastern Asia, and then creating traditional dishes from these cultures with non-traditional ingredients We know what appeals to your taste buds and we love to pamper you with our menu inspired from flavors all over the world.
Monster Cafe is a unique food junction that feature a wide variety of dishes inspired by the continents we probably introduce. We proudly introduce ourselves as a multi cuisine fusion, from Asian flavors to American Bold sauces, from Cheesy Italy to Spicy Mexican and from Indian Desi Tadka to Continental Subtle taste.


  • "It's a herculean task to find good at odd times of the night! Well, this place is here for rescue. We ordered from here from at 3 in the morning when we had sudden hunger cravings. They delivered food real quick."
    ---- Arihand Jain ----
  • "For Midnight's crave , monster's cafe is a perfect solution. This is a delivery only outlet serving us beyond mid night. A vast list of food menu they are offering. from burger to pizza, pasta to enchiladas, indian to chinese , order anything."
    ---- Kaushik Banerjee ----
  • "With several delivery joints coming up in Gurgaon, it's become compulsory to maintain the standard level. Monster's Cafe fairly managed to live up to my expectations."
    ---- Harshit Anand ----
  • "A blessing in disguise and my fav place to order food when there is no rescue for my hunger. Being a big non veg and a dimsum fan i ordered Non- veg tandoori dim-sum Afghani, which surpassed my expectations, every bite of it was so juicy and fresh, great flavours working so well together."
    ---- Kajol Arora (Food Enamoured ❤️) ----
  • "Monsters Cafe is god send for nocturnal people. I order first when I somehow woke up at 2 am, famished. The food is in huge portions, which curbs those late night hunger pangs."
    ---- Rahul Agarwal ----
  • "We always get confused where to order from at midnight. Have came across so many bad experiences from some renowned eateries while ordering at midnight. Thought of giving this one a try after seeing their ratings in Foodpanda. So we ordered one veg pizza from the Make your own pizza option. The pizza was pretty good actually with soft yet solid crust, right amount of cheese and toppings."
    ---- Pallavi Borah ----

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